Selasa, 15 April 2014

KPAI: Internal Investigations Employee Must Be in JIS

Chairman of the Indonesian Child Protection Commission Asrorun Niam Sholeh said , there should be a thorough examination of the existing employees at the Jakarta International School ( JIS ) , Pondok Indah , South Jakarta . Therefore , all responsible for the education of children .

" Internal investigations should be conducted related employees . Janitor is also responsible for the education of children , " said Asrorun to , after attending a meeting with the JIS , Tuesday ( 04/15/2014 ) afternoon .

Asrorun explained , in the world of education , there are two important aspects to be observed , namely educators and education personnel . Educators are teachers who more frequently interact with students , while academic staff who support teaching and learning process of children. " Including the janitor as well , " said Asrorun .

From the results of the meeting with the JIS KPAI yesterday afternoon , reached several agreements that essentially all parties should focus on the handling of AK recovery ( 6 ) that are no longer traumatized .

In addition , medical rehabilitation ( treatment ) should also be carried through to completion . Then , just as important , said Asrorun , is the presence of psychological assistance for AK . Later , KPAI as a mediator between the victim's family with JIS , referring psychologist will help to deal with AK .
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In addition , they will also find teachers who have been rated close to the AK , and a security guard who is referred to as " Captain America " by AK . The existence of " Captain America " diharaplan AK helping the recovery process goes smoothly .


Face the presidential election, Golkar Arrange Need a New Strategy

JAKARTA - pascapelaksanaan legislative elections political parties more incentive to approach each other to build a coalition in the face of the 2014 presidential election in July.

Associated with discourse coalition continues to grow along with the calculation results quickly ( quick count ) , the Golkar Party predicted a chance to build their own spindle .

" I saw Golkar could build its own axis with one or two coalition parties , " said Director of Political Communication ( PolcoMM ) Institute , Heri Budianto the Okezone , in Jakarta , Wednesday ( 16/04/2014 ) .

Presently he said , Hanura is already exploring party coalition with a party banyan . And according to Heri , this is a step forward .
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" Ideally the candidate who carried the Golkar Party is the candidate that has a high level of desirability . Because if not , it will be difficult for a candidate to compete with the Golkar Party presidential candidate PDIP and Gerindra , " he described .

Lecturer FISIP Mercu Buana University revealed , according to survey results released PolcoMM Institute April 3 Bakrie third with six percent electability under Prabowo Jokowi 31 percent and 19 percent .

The low Golkar candidate electability further Heri , it should be a reference for Golkar elite to back a political strategy .

" Golkar is a big party that has never won in the presidential battle in the reform era . With so many capable and qualified cadres , Golkar does not run out of stock of national leaders , " he explained .

According to him , Golkar has a cadre of sufficient quality and no shortage of people to put forward a presidential candidate or running mate .

" With this political reality , Golkar needs to be consolidated and a new political strategy in the face of the upcoming presidential election , " he concluded .


Senin, 14 April 2014

Judge Rejects Patent Claims Apple against Samsung

Judge Lucy Koh is presiding over the dispute between the world's two technology giants , Apple and Samsung , in the Court of San Jose , Calif. , has rejected Apple's claims against Samsung's claims , stating that the South Korean vendor that does not infringe Apple's intellectual property rights .

Initial trial involving the company 's top smartphone maker this world , this case shows how bitter and how aggressive the company wants to obtain any benefit that may be obtained from their opponents .
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The decision of the jury in the first trial disputes in 2012 , requires Samsung to pay a fee of U.S. $ 1.05 billion to Apple .

According to Bloomberg data , the value of the smart phone market to reach U.S. $ 338.2 billion last year . Samsung itself controls the portion of 31 percent of industry revenue , or larger portions of Apple's 15 percent gain .

An Apple spokeswoman , Kristin Huguet , has not commented on the decision issued by Judge Lucy Koh .


Sabtu, 12 April 2014

LTV Not Effective Control Practices Property Speculation

Policy restrictions imposed by Bank Indonesia through a loan to value ( the ratio of loans to assets ) apparently did not affect the practice of investment and speculation over the apartment .

The first quarter of 2014 , a total of 141,492 units of existing apartment supply , as much as 94 percent sold out . Meanwhile , for the apartments that are under construction and scheduled to be finished in 2017 , the market absorption rate has reached 70 percent of the total of 62 197 units . Of the number of units is sold , half purchased by investors and the remaining end users (end user ) .

Facts disclosed Associate Director of Research at Colliers International Indonesia , Ferry Salanto , when exposure Jakarta Market Outlook , on Monday ( 04/07/2014 ) corroborated the opinion of the Chairman APERSSI ( Association of Indonesian Society of apartment dwellers ) Ibn Tadji .

Ibn confirm speculation about the practice and ongoing investment activity over the commercial and apartment subsidized apartments , although the LTV has been enacted and the Law ( UU ) No. 20/2011 was published .

Both of these regulations aim to curb excessive investment and speculative practices . In fact , Law No. 20/2011 expressly prohibits transfer units subsidized flats purchased by utilizing the ease of government .

" Every purchaser is prohibited transfer the flat to someone else after a period of 20 years , " said Ibnu to , Friday ( 04/11/2014 ) .

But , in fact , the practice of speculation by buying up a lot of apartments for resale , continued. In fact , when the towers subsidy is no longer available , the practice of buying and selling under the hands of increasingly rampant , while it is in the process of SPA ( Sale and Purchase Agreement ) or not AJB ( Sale Deed ) .

" I do not deny that the LTV rules issued by Bank Indonesia to prevent speculation . , But in reality , only a few months LTV can be effective . Now it seems due to lack of effectiveness of investment flats result is greater than bank interest . Advantage could reach 50 to 100 percent , " he explained .
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To that end , he suggested , the government should prohibit investment . Now a new loan engineering . Going forward he is less sure LTV or other regulations can curb the practice of speculation .

" Ministry of Housing ( Kemenpera ) should open the eyes . Actors speculation , should be limited and regulated under the law Act towers , " he said .


Jumat, 11 April 2014

iOS Invulnerability "Heart Bleed", Android and BlackBerry?

Security hole " Heartbleed " make enough commotion cyberspace , at least 66 percent of web sites around the world are affected. Not just a web site and its services , the smartphone also allegedly contracted this bug .

Although there has been no case Heartbleed attacks in mobile operating system and also the possibility of a low percentage , but the smartphone vendors do not want to take the risk . Well , whichever operating system is vulnerable attack " Heartbleed " ?

Quoted from Digital Trends , Thursday ( 04/10/2014 ) , Apple's IOS operating system is considered the most secure from attack Heartbleed bugs . Because , according to the site AskDifferent , Apple saw no flaws in OpenSSL on OS X operating system which was made in December 2012 .

Since then , Apple chose to include OpenSSL in iOS , so that all versions of OS X or iOS Heartbleed safe from attack .

Windows Phone operating system from Microsoft is ranked moderate . That is , Windows Phone is quite safe from attack Heartbleed . In the official blog of the Microsoft Developer Network explained that the implementation of the SSL / TLS in Windows are not affected.

Windows Phone use their own encryption component called Secure Channel ( or SKChannel ) claimed by Microsoft is not susceptible to Heartbleed .

Microsoft also confirmed that Microsoft Accounts and Microsoft Azure , along with most of the Microsoft Services not affected Heartbleed .

Meanwhile , the BlackBerry said it was conducting an investigation of the operating system , whether Heartbleed also have an impact on the web site and its mobile operating system or not .

In the pages of his site support forums , BlackBerry users demanding clarity whether or not BlackBerry use in the OpenSSL website or its mobile OS .

Community Manager BlackBerry , Ty Williams said that BlackBerry is currently conducting an investigation , and if the product turns out to also be affected , then the BlackBerry will take the necessary measures to maintain security pengguannya .
The most vulnerable Android 4.1.1

Popular operating system developed by Google's Android mobile operating system becomes vulnerable , if the user has version 4.1.1 .

In the official Google blog mentioned Line Security , all versions of Android are resistant to CVE - 2014-0160 ( Heartbleed ) with limited exceptions for Android 4.1.1 . Google says it is currently trying to patch up the weaknesses and the soon to be released for Android devices used vendors .
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There are currently about 34 percent of Android users versions 4.1.x , which means more than 300 million smartphones and tablets vulnerable to Heartbleed .

If your Android smartphone is included, you can download the application " Heartbleed Detector " from the Play Store , to identify whether your smartphone is prone or not .


It's More Powerful than Punahkan Dinosaurs Asteroid Collision

At 65 million years ago , stone giant asteroid hit Earth and lead to the extinction of dinosaur species . But it turns out , it's not the most powerful .

Scientists reconstruct asteroid collision events that occurred 3.26 billion years ago . At that time the space rock as wide as 23-36 miles or 37-58 miles - 4 to 6 times wider than that dinosaurs living fossil .
Clash of the Earth resulting in the formation of a crater 500 kilometers wide and trigger seismic waves ( tsunami ) the most powerful , of which ever caused all the earthquakes that are known so far .

" The impact of an asteroid collision is much greater than any in the last 1 billion years , " said Jay Melosh , Purdue University scientist , who was not involved in the study , as quoted from the site science , Friday ( 11/4/2014 ) .
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Researchers Norman Sleep and Donald Lowe of Stanford University mapped in detail the devastating crash , after studying rocks in the region of South Africa known as the Barberton greenstone belt .

Space rock may hit at a point distant from Barberton formation , the exact location will probably never be found . However , the incident left a trail on rocks in South Africa and around the Earth - and possibly damaging the earth's crust spur the transition from the initial tectonic regime to a system of tectonic plates are still valid today .

" It became an important supporter of the idea that the asteroid impact that may be responsible for major changes in the Earth's tectonic system , " said UCLA geologist , Frank Kyte , giving opinions.

Asteroid impact is believed to be a tremendous threat to life on Earth at that time - the kind of life that is thought to have formed 3.8 billion years ago . The sky will be filled with dust and ash dense , the planet becomes unusually hot , even boiling sea .

The impact of an asteroid collision could be wiping out a large number of life forms that existed at that time , empty niches for the survivors ( survivors ) to evolve .

" We are trying mengami the forces that shape our planet in the early days of its evolution , and the environment in which life evolved , " said Donald Lowe .

Although countless dramatic , asteroid collision that occurred 3.26 billion years ago is not something that is very special . But one of the collisions that occurred in the period of Late Heavy Bombardment called - which began about four billion years ago and lasted for 1 billion years .

Bombardment of the same period also have an impact on other objects in the inner solar system . Triggering the formation of a large hole in Mars , Venus , Mercury , and the Moon .

Recent studies published in the scientific journal Geochemistry , Geophysics , Geosystems .


Kamis, 10 April 2014

PLN and Freeport Make SOE Not Reached Target Dividend

Ministry of State Owned Enterprises ( SOEs ) cut its dividend payment plans state-owned companies to the state . Because the target of Rp 40 trillion dividend for the financial year 2013 , it was only collected Rp 38.5 trillion .

Mahmudin Yasin , Vice Minister of State, said such deposits disrupted due to PT PLN ( Persero ) is still at a disadvantage, making it difficult if all SOEs should collect the dividend target of Rp 40 trillion .

" PLN disrupted due to foreign exchange losses , " he said at the central office of PT Pertamina , Thursday ( 10/04/2014 ) .
In addition to PLN , PT Freeport Indonesia is also still troubled about the state dividends . US-based mining company that has been two years do not bring dividends .
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" Freeport has been a few years ago did not deposit the dividend and the others also need investment , " said Yasin .
The plan would ask the Ministry of Enterprise targets the reduction of the original dividend of Rp 40 trillion to Rp 37 turned up to Rp 38 trillion . SOE Ministry will submit the matter to the Fiscal Policy Office which will be discussed in the Budget Amendment 2014.

Previously , in fiscal year 2013, the SOE profit reached Rp 150.7 trillion , where the achievement is higher when compared to the achievement of the previous year's profit of Rp 150 trillion . While the dividend to be paid by Freeport itself is worth quite large , which is approximately Rp 1.5 trillion .